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Hi, I’m Christy, your creative connection.  


I am a down-to-earth and easy-going person with an enthusiasm for inviting interior environments. I can work with any style, but my preference is to mix it up! The cliche “variety is the spice of life” comes to mind, as I believe mixing is the spice in decor. Different styles can play well together and make a room unique. And I love to see a modern spin on traditional accessories. In addition, I believe that nature is soothing to the soul. I like to bring the outdoors inside, whether it be with branches, plants, stones, or shells; or simply with artwork that features beauty from the open air. And nothing can add to a room like fresh flowers. 

As far as my experience in interior design: 

I have an Associate Degree in Interior Design, and I've been doing design work since 1996. My favorite tasks throughout the years have been accessorizing, accessory buying, and doing furniture placement plans on AutoCAD as it's like working a puzzle to me! 


I spent years traveling all over the US setting up galleries in furniture stores. The process of designing a gallery, which was usually between 5 and 10,000 sq. ft., included the following: 

  • traveling to the store to see the space to be used and to measure, as I was often working with an existing building or store rather than new construction  

  • drawing the space on the computer using AutoCAD, as well as doing a furniture placement plan and elevations for any architectural elements to be added 

  • choosing paint colors and doing a paint plan  

  • selecting accessories for the gallery, such as bedding, rugs, artwork, lighting, and table top  

  • traveling back to the store to accessorize and put it all together

I’ve also held showroom design positions, in which the process was similar to that of designing a gallery; the difference being that it was for furniture market showrooms rather than retail stores, and the spaces were much larger.


After years of working full-time for some of the larger furniture companies such as Broyhill, Kincaid, and Thomasville, I decided to take a risk and venture out on my own. I’ve been working for myself since 2003. I am a hard worker, and I'm self-motivated; both of which have been essential in my success as a freelancer. Most of my work now involves set-up of furniture market showrooms, furniture placement plans for retail stores, and studio work designing room scenes for furniture and accessory photography used in catalogs, advertising, and on websites. However, I am always up for any kind of design work, as I love what I do for a living. Simply having that passion, makes such a difference.

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